The Jeweler’s Shop gallery replicates a store from the early 1900s, giving visitors the opportunity to step back in time. In large and small towns across America, the corner jewelry store offered a wide variety of timepieces and accessories such as watch fobs, keys, and chains as well as repair services for watches and clocks.

While jewelry stores sold a variety of horological items, including high-end watches, the general store was a good place to buy more affordable dollar pocket watches and household clocks. Jewelers and other merchants who sold timekeepers rarely bought their inventory directly from the factories, instead purchasing via trade catalogs or through middlemen called jobbers.

Shop windows provided an excellent opportunity to advertise a store’s most eye-catching timepieces, and the Jeweler’s Shop gallery window is no exception. Skeleton clocks by international makers reside in this window, showcasing their intricate inner workings and beautiful decorative motifs.